Unleash Your Confidence to Become Irresistible to High Quality Women Forever

(Even If You're Not a Chad)

Introducing: Game Transformation

The All-New Transformational System for Modern Dating

If you’re sick and tired of:

❌ Feeling like you’re "not good enough" for the women you're truly attracted to

❌ Feeling lonely on the weekends while other guys are getting with the women you want

Settling for women you’re not genuinely attracted to

❌ Feeling paralyzed by anxiety, trapped in an endless cycle of inaction

❌ The regret you feel watching countless girls walk by without saying a word to them

❌ Feeling trapped in your own mind

❌ Repelling girls with your insecurities

❌ Being humiliated by rejection

Procrastinating in your dating life, watching countless opportunities slip through your fingers

❌ Turning to porn and masturbation out of desperation

❌ Feeling disappointed in yourself for never taking action

And you’re finally ready to:

Unleash your confidence to make women eager to meet you

✅ Create an abundant dating life with endless options

Experience the joy of dating women that actually excite you (in the streets and in the sheets)

Destroy your approach anxiety around women

Choose from a pool of women you're genuinely attracted to

✅ Easily form meaningful connections with fun, sweet, gorgeous women

✅ Get an awesome girlfriend... (or two)

✅ Embrace your authentic self and eliminate insecurity forever

Skyrocket your charisma and social skills to captivate women in conversation

✅ Escape your mental prison and experience social freedom

Make your life feel like a movie with your new, undeniable confidence

✅ Download this skillset so you can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Then you're in the right place at the right time!

Let me explain how this works.

The best way to learn game is in phases.

As a dating coach for over a decade, I’ve seen 1,153+ men progress in the SAME repeatable ways.

If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned, it’s that every aspiring ladies man must go through the same 5 transformational phases...

1. Desensitization

Every man starts his journey paralyzed by anxiety and unable to say hello to a girl. We “numb” this feeling, so you can relax and start conversations.

2. Vibe

Next, he struggles with keeping girls engaged in conversation. In this phase we give you the tools to express yourself and master communication, so you captivate women's attention with a fun vibe.

3. Sexualization

After he gets girls’ attention he tends to get in conversations that lead nowhere. The girls may be laughing and smiling, but there’s no sexual tension, no spark. So in this phase, we teach you how to show up as the sexual man you're destined to be.

4. Strategy

At this point he’s having fun, sexual interactions. Girls are gazing into your eyes, playing with their hair, touching you, laughing a little too hard at your jokes — but you don't know how to seal the deal. So we show you how to lead her home. This is where your results start to skyrocket; so you can put away your lotion and tissues forever.

5. Naturalization

You're sleeping with girls and having the experiences you've always wanted — yet it still takes conscious effort. So finally, we guide you to the promised land where you game on autopilot and date the women who make you feel alive.

It’s like learning to play basketball.

Any good basketball coach will teach you dribbling and passing before shooting 3-pointers.

And it wouldn’t make sense for you to learn a Michael Jordan fadeaway jumper when you don’t even know how to dribble the ball yet.

There’s a natural sequence and order you must follow to learn a skillset quickly, and it’s no different with game.

Most courses only give you a small portion of what you need to get the results you're looking for. They lack structure and order, which leaves you with a bunch of theory that you can't take action on.

Moreover, there's no community or mentor to guide you, so you end up running on a hamster wheel, working super hard and getting nowhere fast.

You need to get feedback on your game, so you progress quicker and get rejected less.

This problem in the industry led us to create Game Transformation, the fastest sequential process for learning game ever.

This is my secret sauce and the reason behind my students' success.

Because skills build on each other like a pyramid, I give you what you need in chronological order to go from anxious to abundant.

Desensitization → Vibe → Sexualization → Strategy → Naturalization

This is my transformational plan.

If a man has this plan, getting confidence and amazing experiences with women is 1,000 times easier.

🎁 Standard Bonuses 🎁

BONUS #1: 📹 Real Life Footage - Infields

Gain access to dozens of infields with fresh footage added regularly.

  • Watch my entire journey from cringelord to player.

  • ​Learn from my successes and failures in real-life interactions - see me experience every kind of social reaction from getting painfully blown out of sets as a beginner to pulling threesomes with stunners as a pro.

  • ​Smart men learn from their mistakes; wise men learn from the mistakes of others.

  • ​See students—just like you—get success with the Game Transformation framework.

BONUS #2: 🚂 365 Accountability

Get an accountability train ran on you. You’ll be walking funny, but at least you’ll be getting results.

  • Gain access to a community of rabid action-takers who grab life by the pussy and keep you accountable to get the results you want.

  • ​We designed this community, so that it's basically impossible to fail because you'll have access to wingmen, accountability partners, and a new tribe of success-oriented men to rely on for support, advice, and community.

  • ​Wingman Locator: Get in-person accountability and support from a wingman who inspires you to approach and pull.

  • Financial Accountability: When you pay, you pay attention. By investing in this course you’re telling your brain that you value this information and you're scientifically more likely to follow through with it than doing it alone. You're welcome ;)

Bonus #3: 🎤 50 Player Interviews

What’s better than one great mentor? Fifty.

Watch exclusive interviews with the top coaches and elite players in the game, as they share their insights, experiences, and secrets to achieving an abundant dating life.

  • Get inspiration from their stories and find a style of game that you resonate with.

  • ​See overwhelming proof that anyone can transform their dating life.

  • ​Uncover the patterns that most successful ladies men in the world share and model yourself.

  • ​These "average guys" ended up on boats with dozens of supermodels (imagine being woken up by 4 of them for bedroom acrobatics, srs)

BONUS #4: 👾 Gamers’ Group Chat

Gain access to a private, members-only group chat where you can connect with other like-minded men embarking on the same journey as you.

  • ​Share your wins in game, swap stories and results, build each other up, and be part of a community.

BONUS #5: 💻 Revolutionary Dating Tracker

With abundant results come new problems: organization and systematizing is necessary to ensure you don't let eager girls fall through the cracks.

We make it as easy as possible for you to simply track your opportunities from number-to-close with this groundbreaking software.

  • Stay Engaged & Consistent: Avoid accidentally ghosting someone or forgetting to follow up with a great girl. Handy reminders and notifications, ensuring that you stay engaged each step of the way.​

  • ​Effortless Organization: Keep track of all the women you need to message in one place, regardless of which app you’re talking on.

  • ​Personalized Insights: Track your dating progress, identify patterns, and learn from past experiences to optimize your dating strategy, so you can learn from your mistakes and avoid failure.

BONUS #6: 👴 Permanent Access

  • ​Buy Once, Access Forever.

  • ​No Hidden Fees. No Subscriptions. No Bullshit.

BONUS #7: 🙌 Never-Ending Updates

This course will be constantly refreshed with new videos, interviews, and resources. This means the content stays relevant and effective as technology and modern dating culture update.

  • Continual Updates: I'll update the course as long as I'm alive, and I'm 30, so you do the math.

BONUS #8: 🌶️ Banned Videos Too Spicy for YouTube

  • Gain access to exclusive and previously banned content.

  • ​Understand each interaction's potential, so you can push past your perceived limits and wind up in steamy situations 🥵

BONUS #9: 🤖 Secrets to Turn ChatGPT Into the Ultimate Wingman

Steal these prompts to harness the power of AI as your personal dating assistant, so you never struggle coming up with text messages or date ideas again.

  • ​Copy & Paste Prompts instantly give you creative bios for dating apps and social media that ooze status and hilarity.

BONUS #10: 👩‍❤️‍👨 Relationship Blueprints

  • ​​Build deep connections and fulfilling relationships on your terms.​

  • ​Form a passionate relationship with a high-quality girl and have bed-breaking sex that traumatizes your neighbors.

  • Spot the traits that make for an amazing girlfriend, wife, or long-term partner.

  • ​Discover the hacks to attract and retain wife-quality women that you'd be proud to show off to your friends and introduce to your family.

BONUS #11: 🏋️‍♂️ Become Your Most Handsome and Healthiest Self

Increase your dating opportunities and make game easier by optimizing your inner health and outer appearance.

  • Double your testosterone naturally in 6 months, so you feel calm and confident in just about any situation.

  • ​Add fuel to the fire with easy-to-follow guides on fashion & fitness to posture & penis growth.

  • ​Add potentially 1 inch of height from a 5 minute posture exercise (if you have tech neck).

BONUS #12: 💦 Sexual Education

Become a master in the bedroom with expert guidance on sexual techniques, communication, and intimacy.

  • ​Eliminate the four horsemen of the Dickpocalypse: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and performance anxiety.

  • ​Become a woman’s ultimate fantasy by learning exactly how to stimulate her mind.

  • ​Discover the key to giving women orgasms by triggering her four psychological "Orgasm Triggers." ⚠️ Warning: This will make her NEVER leave you.

  • ​Be the “best she’s ever had” to separate yourself from the hordes of men who don’t know how to sling dick.

  • ​3 Foolproof steps to get hard with a new woman even if you have racing thoughts or heartpounding anxiety. Develop levels of sexual confidence you didn’t know were possible while hootin’ and hollerin’ 🤠

BONUS #13: 💼 Resources and Cheatsheets

Unlock a treasure trove of tools to support your dating transformation, including:

  • Steal My Lines From My Own Personal Textgame Cheatsheet

  • ​Game Achievements Checklist

  • ​Field Report Templates, so you can quickly learn from your interactions and avoid repeating the same mistakes

  • ​Life Goals Tracker

  • ​and more…

BONUS #14: 🛑 Tools to Never Date Toxic Girls Again

Using one of these tools, my client was shocked to discover that his girlfriend had been working as a lady of the night.

  • ​Get off the broken rollercoaster before it begins and dodge the headaches that come with dating the wrong women.

  • ​Leave the cheaters and psychopaths for other men, while you focus on the best girls.

  • ​Use 1 under-the-radar, scientific test to identify toxic girls and keep them away for good.

  • ​Plus internet detective tools, how to calculate likelihood of loyalty, red flags to spot.

  • ​Get an awesome, loyal girlfriend who would do anything for you.

🎁 Premium Bonuses 🎁

BONUS #15: ☎️ Monthly Calls When I Feel Like It (jk 3 months)

Get answers to your burning questions from Austen Summers himself! Enjoy monthly live Q&A sessions, ensuring that you never feel lost or left behind.

BONUS #15.5: Live Practice with Models

Some of these monthly calls will include live practice with extremely attractive women, so you can normalize talking and flirting with girls that turn most men into puddles.

BONUS #16: 🧠 Elite Mastermind Group Chat

Instantly join a high-level social circle with high-status men from all over the world.

  • ​Get access to a network of men who have gone through their own game transformation using Austen’s framework and have reached an elite level in game.

  • ​Get feedback and engagement directly from Austen, so you can speed up the learning process and avoid pitfalls.

  • ​Accelerate your learning curve by putting yourself in proximity with men who are where you already want to be.

  • ​In order to manage this group chat effectively, we will be capping this bonus for the first 500 people who buy the course.

BONUS #17: 👸🏼 Model Interviews

Monthly interviews where we ask drop-dead-gorgeous models about sex, dating, and relationships, so you can view the perspective of what they want in their dream man.

BONUS #18: 🛥️ Next Level Game - Design Your Dream Lifestyle

Add fuel to the fire with these insane lifestyle boosters. Guides on how to throw parties, have threesomes, create harems, and more…

You’ll also get an analysis of the real dating funnels behind top-tier men like Dan Bilzerian and Leonardo DiCaprio.

BONUS #19: 🌎 International Dating Hacks

Instantly become a top 1% man by taking advantage of this simple dating hack. (Please keep this secret to yourself)

  • Reap the rewards of an unfair advantage in the global dating market by simply knowing the right locations to go.

  • ​Austen reveals his favorite countries in order with the pros and cons of each, so you can customize your trip to match your goals and lifestyle.

BONUS #20: 💰Discounts on Future Programs

Put the cost of Game Transformation toward a future coaching program like In-Person Immersion or Online Mentorship.

BONUS #21: 📱💬 Secret App to Automate Your Messaging Using My Optimized Lines

We made our own phrase keyboard for you. So instead of wasting time thinking about what to say, you can just hit a button and instantly use our proven lines.

  • Appear witty and charming, even if you struggle coming up with clever responses on your own.

  • Customizable to fit your own personal language style.

BONUS #22: 😈 The DM Destroyer

How to Unleash the Floodgates and get 100’s of excited girls in your DM’s within hours (yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but we have a dozen students doing this strategy as you're reading this).

  • Discover how to create and run Instagram and Facebook ads using our proven ad scripts.


The Essentials

  • 🧊 Desensitization Phase

  • ​🕺 Vibe Phase

  • ​🍆 Sexualization Phase

  • ​♟️ Strategy Phase

  • 😏 Naturalization Phase

  • ​📹 Real Life Footage Infields

  • ​🚂 365 Accountability

  • ​🎤 50 Player Interviews

  • ​👾 Gamers' Group Chat

  • ​💻 Revolutionary Dating Tracker

  • ​👴🏻 Permanent ​Access

  • ​🙌 Never Ending Updates

  • ​🗄️ Game Resources

  • ​📺 Banned YouTube Vault

  • ​🤖 Chat GPT Prompts for Dating, Texting, and Travel

  • ​👩‍❤️‍👨 Relationships & Dating

  • ​🏋️‍♀️ Aesthetics and Health

  • ​💦 Sexual Education

  • ​🛑 The "Crazy" Test

  • ​🤌 And much more...

Value: $7,943



Best Value

  • 🧊 Desensitization Phase

  • ​🕺 Vibe Phase

  • ​🍆 Sexualization Phase

  • ​♟️ Strategy Phase

  • 😏 Naturalization Phase

  • ​📹 Real Life Footage Infields

  • ​🚂 365 Accountability

  • ​🎤 50 Player Interviews

  • ​👾 Gamers' Group Chat

  • ​💻 Revolutionary Dating Tracker

  • ​👴🏻 Permanent Access

  • ​🙌 Never Ending Updates

  • ​🗄️ Game Resources

  • ​📺 Banned YouTube Vault

  • ​🤖 Chat GPT Prompts for Dating, Texting, and Travel

  • ​👩‍❤️‍👨 Relationships & Dating

  • ​🏋️‍♀️ Aesthetics and Health

  • ​💦 Sexual Education

  • ​🛑 The "Crazy" Test​

  • 📲 3 Monthly Calls with Austen Summers

  • ​🧠 Elite Mastermind Group

  • ​👸🏼 Model Interviews

  • ​🛥️ Next Level Game (Lifestyle Upgrades)

  • ​🌍 International Dating Hacks

  • ​🎁 Monthly Prizes

  • ​💰 Discounts on Future Programs

  • ​📱 Secret App to Automate Your Messaging using My Optimized Lines

  • ​😈 The DM Destroyer

  • 🤌 And much more...

Value: $11,769



Personalized Coaching

  • 🎉 EVERYTHING in the Premium Tier PLUS...

  • ​📞 Custom Dating Plan Creation Call

  • ​👨🏼‍💻 Weekly Mentorship Call with Austen Summers

  • ​👨🏽‍💻 Weekly Accountability Call

  • ​👨🏻‍💻 Weekly Inner Game Call

  • ​💬 Daily Chat Support

  • ​📱 Text Game Analysis

  • ​🔊 Audio Clip Analysis

  • ​🚀 Mentorship Group Chat

  • ​👯‍♀️ Female Feedback On Online Profiles

  • ​🤌 And much more...

Value: $20,447


Why You're Robbing Me Blind

My degenerate friends and I have done decades of research, development, and testing with women all over the world. I've optimized teaching this skill with 1,153+ men. We've condensed all our wisdom into this one course.

I've put $100,000 into learning this stuff with mentors and courses, $500,000 into our team and video production, and over $46,000 in online tools. We've honed our complete focus, energy, and effort for the past two years like a laser into crafting the fastest sequential process for learning game ever.

Because of that the content is relevant, stress-tested, and simply works. So considering all of the time, money, energy, effort, sacrifice, and brutal rejection this will save you, you're essentially robbing me blind, legally.

To Make This a No-Brainer, I'm

Offering You…

The Get Laid or Die Trying


If you do everything I ask you to do in the course, document the work done, and still don’t get laid after a year… I will pay you your hourly rate for each hour spent, let you keep the program, and work with you 1-1 free of charge until you get results.

This course won't be available after the countdown expires. This makes sure our exclusive community is full of committed action takers and creates the optimal environment for your own Game Transformation.

The Way I See It, You Have Three Options:

❌ Option 1 – Ignore Everything Above & Don’t Even Try

  • ​Stay right where you are, go to sleep every night alone, dread the next day when you have to wake up and wonder for the thousandth time if things are ever actually going to get better.

  • ​Hope and pray that your loneliness ends “someday” when an undesirable woman settles for you, if that ever happens…

  • ​Don’t take action on this. Let your bullshit beliefs and trauma responses run you.

  • ​Let the regret compound over the coming years, as you think “I wish I started sooner.”

  • ​Ask yourself: What do I risk losing? Think of what your dating life will look like 5 Years in the future if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.

My Advice: Join Now as the best time for change is always now. Let’s make the next 5 years of your life the best 5 years of your life.

❌ Option 2 – Try To Figure It Out By Yourself

  • ​Waste years of your life in a crazy trial and error experiment where you keep creeping girls out, getting ignored and getting rejected… IF you even

  • ​Get your hopes up if you do get a number just to get ghosted, over and over again.

  • ​You can test hundreds of different styles of game on thousands of girls hoping you figure out something that actually works.

  • ​You can keep banging your head against the wall until you become so exhausted that you give up on this for good.

  • ​This narcissistic illusion of self-sufficiency is what keeps people dumb, broke, and alone. It’s a surefire way to end up where you’ve always been stuck.

​My Advice: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel or go it alone. I didn’t master game alone and no one else did either.

✅ Option 3 – Join Game Transformation and Get Results

Take decisive action today and get my optimized system.

  • ​Download a decade's worth of game experience into your mind.

  • ​Know what to do every step of the way through the detailed Game Transformation system.

  • ​Get on the fast track to becoming a natural by progressing through the 5 phases of game.

  • ​Never feel lost again have all your questions answered permanently.

  • ​Have an expert opinion on EVERY aspect of game.

If you were waiting for a sign from the universe, THIS IS IT.

Stop procrastinating!

Don’t waste another year sitting on the sidelines wishing things were different.

Take advantage of this today and make it different.

I know which option I would choose if I were you...


My name is Austen Summers and I used to suck with girls. Hard. Every painful, embarrassing story you have, I promise I have them too.

But I decided that I wasn’t going to be a product of my circumstances, so I spent over $100,000 to learn this skillset. I spent years of my life getting mentored by the best pickup artists in the world, going to seminars, gaming day and night until I cracked the code.

I went from being a depressed virgin to creating my dream dating life where my girlfriend was bringing me girls.

Now I’m on a mission to help you experience your own Game Transformation, so you can get the women you want.

The stuff I’m about to teach you is so effective at making hot women chase you that it’s made me go viral and get “canceled” by major international media corporations:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any additional questions that weren't answered here?

Email support@austensummers.com to connect with our support team.

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